• App features (modules) that requires native push notification functionality (like individual or group notification) will not work.
• Some app features that requires QR Code scan functionality may work, but QR Code scan functionality will not work in that feature.
• App features that requires native functionality (like Invite-friends feature requires social sharing functionality) will not work.
• Link feature in-app-browser link works but iframe / CORS restricted links will not work.
• You can simply check yourself which features & which functionalities are working in your Siberian WebApp.

Default Siberian App Features

Feature Name Status Remarks
Audio Working ---
Booking Working ---
Calendar Working ---
Catalog Working ---
Code Scan Not Working ---
Commerce Working ---
Contact Working ---
Contest Working ---
Custom Page Working ---
Discount Working ---
Facebook --- Not tested
Folder v2 Working ---
Form v2 Working ---
Images Working ---
In-App Messages Working ---
Job Working ---
Link Working ---
Links Working ---
Loyalty Card Working QR scan functionality not working
Magento Working ---
Maps Working ---
My Account Working ---
Padlock Working QR scan functionality not working
Places Working ---
Prestashop Working ---
Privacy Policy Working ---
Push Notifications Not Working ---
QR Coupons Not Working ---
Radio --- Not tested
RSS feed Working ---
Set Meal Working ---
Shopify Working ---
Social Wall Working ---
Source Code Working ---
Tips Calculator Working ---
Topics Not Working ---
Twitter Working ---
Videos Working ---
Volusion Working ---
Weather Working ---
Woocommerce Working ---
Wordpress Working ---

Some of Third-party App Features

This list will be updated based on community feedback.

Feature Name Status Remarks
Share App Working ---
Accordion FAQs Working ---
Custom List Working ---
Before After Images Working ---
GS2Table Working ---
Scratch Card Working ---
RealTime Chat Partially working Push notification not working
Surveys Working ---
Custom Profile Working ---
EasyAppointments Working ---
Quiz Working ---
Classifieds Working ---
Progressive Loyalty Card Working ---
Club Card Working ---
Miga iframe Partially working QR scan functionality not working
E-wallet Partially working QR scan functionality not working
Knowledge Working ---
Enquiry Working ---
Games Working ---
MailChimp Working ---
Group & Individual Push Not Working ---
Invite-a-friend Not Working ---
Miga Birthday Not Working ---
Miga Reminder & Funnel Not Working ---
Review / Review Pro --- Native app specific