PWA Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification is a great feature that makes PWA more advanced. Firebase Web Push Notification supports in Android Chrome, Android Firefox & Desktop Chrome.

From the PWA Creator v3.0.0, Web push will work on all major web push supported browsers like Android Chrome, Desktop Chrome, iOS Safari 16.4+ (Standalone mode), macOS Safari 16 on macOS Ventura or higher etc. Check out PWA browser support page for more info.

Your customer can send push notifications to all push subscribed users by using our Push Notification Sender Editor Module. We have external PWA Push Sender Page too, that you can access using a link.

You can also display a list of sent push messages to your siberian app using Add-on PWA Push List module.

By default, our Siberian PWA Modules bundle doesn't include PWA Push List module. It will be available as an extra add-on.

Best Practices for Push Notification
pwa edge add to homescreen

Push Notification Sender

Push Notification Sender Editor Module allows your customers to send push notifications to all push subscribed users.

It has built-in restricted access system so PWA Push Sender will be only accessible by the users whom PWA Push Activated by you from the backoffice.

We have given options of push title, message, image upload and a click action URL in this. Push Icon will be automatically added. When the user click on your push notification it will be redirected to your Installed PWA or PWA in browser based on your click action URL. You can even put any external URL there.

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