• What is a PWA and where can i see a demo of it?

You will find all the useful information regarding PWA here.

You can check PWA Demo here.

• What’s difference between Siberian WebApp & Siberian PWA?

Siberian PWA is actually Siberian WebApp in iframe with PWA Features like Add to Homescreen, iPhone Install Popup, Splash screen, Web Push Notification etc.

• Is it possible to add custom client domain for his PWA?

Yes, We have given a special section in PWA BackOffice Module for adding a custom domain to PWA.

• Complete offline Siberian PWA possible with this?

No. There is a custom offline page available that you can use to show default offline message.

• What are the business benefits of PWA implementation?

You will have a new business opportunity with Siberian PWA. You can charge your clients for PWA services.

• PWAs are option of App Store rejected apps?

These days App Store review is very strict and it requires separate developer account which is costly too. So if you have just basic informative apps without any native features then chances of rejection are high. So here PWAs are very useful but make sure your app features are available in WebApp.

• Why web push notification functionality is extra add-on?

Web push notification isn’t included in the pricing because we want to offer base module at a fair price. If you want you can purchase the PWA Push Sender & PWA Push List add-on extra.

• What are the limitations of PWA Push Notifications ?

You can’t send individual or scheduled push notifications in PWA. You can't open app internal pages using Click Action URL.

• Web Push Notification also works on iOS?

No, Only Android Chrome, Firefox & Desktop Chrome browser supports web push notifications.

• Can I transfer PWA Module ownership to other Siberian customer?

No, It's licensed with your siberian domain and you can't transfer or resell the module license.

• Can I upgrade PWA license to lifetime from 1 Year license?

No, You can't upgrade it this way.

• If I purchase 1 year license, so what happens after 1 year?

You won't any get support and updates after 1 year, you can use the module as it is. If you want to receive support & updates then you must renew it each year.

• What is your refund policy?

As you know our products are digitally downloadable, so we don't offer refund in any case.

• I still have a question, where to ask?

You can email us: pwa@webvista.co.in or you can directly ask on Facebook.