What is PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a combination of website and mobile app. PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app like experience to the end-user. PWA works like webapp but users can install it (add to home screen) directly from browser. So PWA installation doesn't required to go through stores like play store, app store etc.

PWA displays an offline page while user is offline. So you can display your contact information, full web page etc.

PWA supports web push notification, splash screen and web share functionality.

PWA is discoverable in search engine and sharable using URL.

PWA is served over HTTPS so it's safe & reliable.

Why choose PWA
Progressive Web Apps

Why choose PWA?

App-like experience

Installable (Add to Home Screen)

Re-engageable (Web Push)

Shareable using links



Custom Offline Page

Splash Screen

Safe & Reliable (HTTPS)

Future of Web Development


Launch Offer Pricing

PWA Backoffice Module
+ PWA Creator Editor Module


  • ✓ PWA Backoffice Module
  • ✓ PWA Editor Module
  • ✓ Custom Domain System
  • ✓ 1 Year Support & Updates
Regular Price: 249 EURO
Offer Price: 199 EURO
Limited Time Offer
Add-on: PWA Push Module


  • ✓ Editor Push Sender
  • ✓ List of Sent Push Msgs
  • ✓ External Push Sender
  • ✓ 1 Year Support & Updates
Regular Price: 159 EURO
Offer Price: 99 EURO
Limited Time Offer

Siberian CMS PWA Module (Bundle of 3 Modules)

1 Year Support & Updates: 299€

Lifetime Support & Updates: 399€

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